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Paper Recycling Bins

You may have noticed the green and yellow bins located in the front and back parking lots at the Municipal Building.  These Royal Oak Recycling bins are for you to place your paper, shredded paper, newspapers and their inserts, catalogs, cardboard, phone books, and any junk mail that you feel comfortable putting into our recycling bin.

  • Failure to follow these instructions will result in the loss of the recycling bins.  DO NOT THROW GARBAGE AND/OR BOTTLES INTO THESE BINS.  THANK YOU!

Alternative Recycling Locations

Drop-off bins for commingled material will remain at the following locations:

  • Leechburg Recycling Center, Hours: Mon-Fri, 8am-11am and every third Sunday

    of the month from noon -3 pm   (724-845-9721)

Special Collections:


  • Electronics:  eLoop LLC, eLoop Regional Recycling Center, 201 Borland Farm Road, Export, PA  15632,  724-519-7646.           

  • Scrap Metal - Salandro's Refuse, collects scrap metal, alkaline batteries and propane tanks                                   

  • Miscellaneous:  Westmoreland Cleanways staff will take compact fluorescent lights (CFLs), old Christmas lights, rechargeable batteries, cell phones, videotapes, CD/DVD's, floppy disks and ink cartidges.

  • McCutcheon Enterprises - Call MEI at 724-568-3623 for clarification of accepted items and prices.                                  

Update on Recycling Electronics as of 1/1/2012

Beginning January 1, 2012, the first phase of Pennsylvania’s “Covered Device Recycling Act” has taken effect, which was enacted to help end the haphazard disposal of TVs and computer equipment.  

Manufacturers, as of the beginning of January, had to register the computers and certain peripheral devices, such as keyboards, desktops, laptop or notebook computers and monitors, microprocessing units, printers, scanners they intend to sell with the state, along with TVs with screens bigger than 4 inches.  They had to have a state-approved collection network set up.  Thus, retailers may now only sell the registered items and they must provide details about how to recycle obsolete items.  They cannot charge a recycling fee, unless they pay an equal or greater rebate.  An example would be Best Buy’s* recycling program that accepts any TV up to 32 inches for $10.00 then gives the customer a $10.00 gift card.

The biggest change for consumers will take place next year, when the law will make it illegal to dispose of certain “covered devices”, such as TVs or computers with the rest of the household trash, in landfills.  Specifically, landfills and other waste disposal sites cannot accept covered devices or components as of January 23, 2013.  This will allow a year for residents and retailers to get used to the idea that they should be disposing of these devices properly.

Note:  Items that are not covered include: calculators, microwave ovens, land-line or cellular phones, GPS units, personal digital assistants or smartphones, or components of appliances such as refrigerators, washers or dryers.

Recycling Resources:

  • eLoop LLC, of Plum operates 30 recycling sites statewide, Hours: Monday-Friday 10 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., 2010 Borland Farm Road, Export, PA  15632,  724-519-7646. For additional information, click here

Fees apply for some material: batteries, ballasts, and lamps, any small appliances containing Freon,

For more details visit

  • Goodwill* of Southwestern Pennsylvania takes computers and TVs for recycling at stores and attended donation sites.  Details at

  • Pennsylvania recycling hotline, 800-346-4242.  Specifics on electronics collection programs are on the state Department of Environmental Protection website.

(*Please note that we have been advised by residents that "Goodwill in our area will only accept TVs that are verified in working order and they do NOT accept floor models; also, Best Buy stores in the area do not consistently accept TVs for disposal".)

Why can’t I just put my electronic devices out with the trash?

Prior to Jan. 24, 2013, DEP regulations do not prohibit households from setting electronic devices out with regular household trash; and even when the disposal ban goes into effect, it will apply only to desktop and laptop computers, computer monitors, computer peripherals and televisions.  However, DEP urges you to do your part for the environment by recycling or reusing as many of your electronic devices as possible in order to limit the number of those items and their hazardous components from entering the environment through landfills and other disposal activities.

If you must discard an electronic device, DEP urges you to check with your county recycling coordinator to find out about local options for proper disposal.  To find information on your county recycling coordinator, visit DEP’s website at, Select ‘Waste,’ ‘Recycling,’ ‘Public Resources,’ and then ‘County Recycling Coordinators,’ or contact the Recycling Hotline at 1-800-346-4242.

County Recycling Information:

Westmoreland County (all electronic items) - The Loyalhanna Watershed Association (LWA) of Ligonier offers electronics recycling every Tuesday from noon until 5 p.m. at the LWA office at 100 Andi Lane, 100 yards west of the Ligonier Valley Recycling area. Free, but donations accepted. For more information, or to arrange for an alternative drop-off time, please call the LWA at 724-238-7560

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