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Kunkle Park


Parks hours: Dawn to dusk every day

(Aerial photo of Kunkle Park- July, 2020)

Kunkle Park consists of 40 plus acres of flat land and rolling hills, located beside the Municipal Building.  Kunkle Park was donated by Elbert N. Kunkle to Washington Township to be used as a park and recreation area. 

Please be aware that during the winter, the restrooms are closed and will re-open in April.  The Fort Hand Re-enactment was held in the park in 2014, which commemorated the April 1779 attack on Fort Hand. This event was sponsored by the Northwest Department of the Brigade of the American Revolution, which is a non-profit Living history association dedicated to recreating the life and times of the common soldier of the American War for Independence, 1775-1783. For additional information or to volunteer for the event, send your email to

Facilities Include:

2 baseball fields

3 picnic pavilions

Children's playground

Park Benches and Swings

2 sand volleyball courts

Public restroom facility

Walking trail


The pavilions and baseball fields are available for reservation for family and group use.  To make reservations, call the Township Office at 724-727-3515, or print out a 2024 Kunkle Park Pavilion Reservation application, fill out the form, and deliver it to the office. ​


We will begin taking applications for the 2025 season on December 1, 2024.  

Basic Rules

- The following activities are specifically prohibited!

Driving or parking on grass area or trails

Landing aircraft

Hitting of golf balls

Depositing refuse anywhere but in appropriate receptacles

Posting or distributing notices, advertisements, or handbills

Possessing or discharging firearms or weapons

Possessing or setting off fireworks or explosive devices or launching of bottle rockets

Use of electrical amplifying equipment

Use of indecent or vulgar language

Domestic animals off a leash

Sale of alcoholic beverages

Sale or use of illegal drugs

Abusing or damaging any park facilities or structures

Any merchandising or using park as a part of a for-profit business

Fires - except in designated or permitted areas

Removal of any Township property - all things contained in Kunkle Park, either man-made or occurring naturally are the sole property of Washington Township

Anything else deemed inappropriate by the Washington Township Board of Supervisors, the Washington Township Police Department, or regulated by Ordinance 49




Senior Softball Team


The Senior Softball team, the "Kiski Valley Grays" plays games at Kunkle Park in Washington Township.

Games are on Mondays and Fridays from 8 AM till 1 PM.

There is a $20 registration fee, which includes shirt and hat.

On Friday afternoons, players enjoy a nice lunch in the pavilion.

For additional information, please contact:  Albert @ 724-219-9848


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