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With the advent of technology and the abundance of reading devices,  the Murrysville Community Library can offer the community many helpful resources.  If you have been away from the Library for awhile, you will be amazed by how they have embraced and integrated technology into the myriad of services they offer.  If you have always been an active member of the Library community, you are welcome to visit their website.  Whether you are looking for answers, your next great read, or to make a personal connection, Murrysville Community Library has something for you.  


Their Mission:

To inspire ideas, enrich lives, and create lifelong opportunities for learning, literacy, and enjoyment.


Their Vision:

The Murrysville Community Library is central to a connected and engaged community enjoying endless possibilities for lifelong learning, individual achievement, and enjoyment.


To view the Murrysville Community Library website, please CLICK HERE.



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